Julian "Tilly" Tillman is a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer

Who specializes in youth fitness, behavioral change, weight loss, nutrition, women exercise, sports performance & physical fitness.

Julian "Tilly" Tillman provides support & guidance to overcome life obstacles to maintain a long lasting healthy, honest and happy lifestyle such as weight loss, reducing stress, better sleep, healthier diet, quitting smoking, & achieving a better work to home lifestyle.

Tilly has always had a love and passion for health & wellness. As a youth growing up, he played several different sports from basketball, football, volleyball, baseball and boxing. While he was on his own journey of weight loss and getting healthy, Tilly felt the desire to share his passion for both physical and mental health. It was during this period he developed an unwavering drive and commitment to "surviving me" and was inspired in 2018 to start Tilly's Focused Individual Training LLC.

The majority of his work started at his home studio where he lent a listening ear and supported those that he coaches. Tilly has since grown his business and has a studio in Whitesboro, NY and a studio in Rome, NY where is able to provide services at a larger capacity.

He has inspired others by finding strength in his own vulnerability by sharing pieces of his story to take their power back and to be excellent. His philosophy of healthy, honest and happy delivers a unique approach to his success from his willingness and ability to meet people wherever they are in their journey. As a wellness coach Tilly believes his work is to guide and support those to see themselves as strong , capable, & limitless individuals. This is an open invitation for people to start their journey of mindfulness. He coaches people of all genders, ages, cultures and races.

Tilly served as a NYS Law Enforcement Officer for the Department of Corrections for over 15 years and during this period he has worked with several law enforcement agencies teaching Law Enforcement Officers Staff Wellness. He is still a consultant for the NYS Department of Corrections Health and Wellness Committee. Tilly also has contracted with Corporate Businesses to provide De-Escalation and Staff Wellness training for their employees.

He is certified through the National Academy of Sports and obtained his certification with the following:
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist, NASM Behavioral Specialist, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, NASM Women's Specialist, NASM Youth Exercise Specialist, NASM Certified Wellness Coach.

Tilly also is a Certified Kickboxing Instructor through the International Sports Sciences Association. During the year 2024 Tilly completed his certification to gain the ability to coach modified and high school sports.

Julian "Tilly" Tillman expressed he is truly fulfilled when individuals take on a lifelong approach in living a lifestyle of healthy, honest and happy.

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